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Secondary school can be a daunting time for any child. Our friendly and passionate tutors can provide the confidence boost your child needs.

1-1 contact with our specialist tutors can help lay a strong, solid foundation for the future.


Our expert, private tutors provide great subject knowledge, strong exam technique and good revision practice. They are able to transfer these skills in a relatable way.

The result is a student who is confident and exceptionally well prepared for what the exam has in store.


A-Levels are a challenging time for any teenager, even for high achievers. University choices rest on the outcome of the results of the gruelling two years. Students must have a strong grasp of the subjection both factually and conceptually, though this alone is not enough. Strong exam technique is key for success.

Contact time in college is often not enough. This is where our finely tuned skills can help.

Work Experience & Careers

Education is the foundation to getting a job or starting a business. But employers are now looking for more, they want experience. This is where we can help. We have contacts in every walk of life and are able to help your child get a placement in the area they dream to be in. Our highly experienced team can help students build their CV, hone their interview skills and apply for jobs/ placements.

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"10 years in the business has given us the expertise to nurture your child's learning needs and maximise their potential."


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